About Me

Hi! I'm Cheryl.


I am the owner/creator/photographer/packager/marketer/and all-things-in -between for Everthine Designs.

I started my maker journey in 2011 making jewelry. I learned the ins and outs of having a hobby side business while going to school for Kinesiology. The day of my graduation, my boyfriend of 11 years proposed! Around this time I decided to stop making jewelry. I wasn't finding as much joy in creating, and the Etsy market being completely saturated with jewelry makers. I was aching for a creative outlet and stumbled upon calligraphy (which was perfect for my upcoming wedding). Well, I ended up not being confident enough to use my calligraphy for my wedding (womp womp), but was completely consumed with learning modern calligraphy. Eventually I was able to quit my full-time job to pursue my calligraphy business full-time!

When you make a purchase from my shop, you are helping to support a woman-owned business take care of herself and her family! And I am so thankful for you! 

Some of my favs:

Favorite food + drink: burritos/tacos, ice cream, iced coffee, a good cocktail

Favorite animal: french bulldog - I have 2! Dozer (8) and Peppa (3)

Favorite thing to do besides calligraphy: buying stuff for my house and decorating

Favorite home style: midcentury modern meets simple/cozy

More fun facts:

I met my husband in High School - we started dating in 2003. 

I am a girl mom (I have 2) and I know all the words to Disney princess movies.

I am a San Diego native.

I'm a Tesla fan-girl and we are an EV household.