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Everthine Designs

custom porcelain christmas ornament | calligraphy script or farmhouse text

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Vinyl Color + Lettering


+ One white porcelain ornament (approx. 2.5")
+ Thin gold ribbon or thick red ribbon
+ My own calligraphy script or farmhouse uppercase text on vinyl: choose your color from the drop down box.

Note: Long words or names will be smaller in scale than photos portray. 3 word maximum on one side only (can include a small date).

Note: The glazed finish on these ornaments is not flawless. As part of the firing and glazing process, the outermost surface contracts as it cools and can show surface cracks in the finish. See the example picture. These cracks are only as deep as the glaze. The thick porcelain ornament beneath is unaffected and retains its strength. The product is not considered damaged if it has these specific glaze cracks.

Gift boxing is not available.

Since this is a handmade item, variations and textures are normal. This adds character and each piece is unique in itself!


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