custom hand lettered calligraphy place setting name | acrylic or wood

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+ Custom laser cut acrylic or wood place card name (cost is per name)
+ Not a font! These are completely hand lettered by me, so they are each unique (but please contact me if you have a font you'd like me to use instead).
+ Approximately 2.5-3" tall. Each name is measured by the biggest letter in the word and all other letters are proportionate to that
+ Message me your list of names (or email me at:
+ Please see some of the available acrylic colors in last 2 photos, choose your color from the drop down box

1. Icy Blue
2. Mint
3. Evergreen
4. Tangerine
5. Lilac
6. Blush
7. Rose
8. Rouge
9. Wine
- Purple
- Navy Blue
- Yellow
- Black
- White
- Light Maple Plywood
- Dark Walnut Plywood

Since this is a handmade item, variations and textures are normal. This adds character and each piece is unique in itself!